customer reviews

"Red Barn Granola is the best granola ever. I'm very picky about the sweetness of my granola and Red Barn has the perfect mix of nuts, oats and sweetness. Granola can be heavy and too dense, but Red Barn has a crispy lightness that I love. I buy it from Julie in bulk and cannot keep it in my cupboards. Yum!!"

- Danielle C. Ketchum, Id

"If it tasted any better, it would be illegal...."

-Josh W. Sun Valley, Id

"Red Barn Granola is my GO TO Snack. It’s a healthy pick me up. Breakfast with berries or any time all day. I grab a handful or spoonful several times a day. It’s my happy snack."

- Jean E. Seattle, Wa

"Red Barn Granola is the best! It’s unique flavors are perfectly balanced with light sweetness and just a touch of salt. Delicious with milk or straight from the bag. My family can’t get enough!" - Leslie P. Hailey, Id

"Red barn granola is definitely the best granola my family has ever eaten!  The ginger almond coconut blend is our family’s favorite but the orange pecan chocolate is also delicious.  We like to sprinkle it on top of yogurt and mixed berries for breakfast but it is also great to snack on."

-Susan R. Ross, CA

“Once I tried Red Barn Granola, there was no going back to other brands.  There is something very special about the combination of ingredients that clearly sets the taste apart. I wasn’t much of a granola person until I tried it during one of our trips to Sun Valley—I am now a regular online customer until we return. A little secret—the “ginger almond coconut” is to die for—don’t tell anyone!”

-Lou G. Dallas, Tx

"My fav: Ginger Almond Coconut.

Bursting with flavor! Gobble it down for energy when hiking or add cold milk and savor each bite (so many yummy flavors emerge this way). Stays crispy with a lovely chew, too. Oooh, and atop vanilla ice cream (or at the bottom of the bowl as a healthy delight once the ice cream is gone)! Yum!! I know you will feel, as I do, that each bit in these products was chosen with heartfelt care and the resulting delicious granolas made with love - for I can taste it in every bite."

- Deborah M. Edmonds, Wa

"What a happy surprise to find Red Barn Granolas! They are unusually delicious and the ‘Ginger Almond Coconut’ has the added benefit of settling the stomach, vs other ‘Brand X’ types that frequently cause heartburn, in those with sensitive stomachs…could it be that scrumptious touch of ginger that is so soothing? Don’t care what it is, just hook me up with MORE! WARNING: These granolas could be addictive. An added bit of luck is that one doesn’t have to be IN Sun Valley to obtain these delights, but they can be ordered online, using the company’s simple but elegant, easy-to-use website. Get some NOW! What are you doing?!

P.S. No, I do NOT work for the company".

-Karen K,  Lakewood, WA